LASER-14P – 14 Channel Laser Diode Driver For Printing Applications


LASER-14P is a 14 channel UV laser diode driver board which is used mainly in printing applications like screen exposure or film plotters. It connects to the AEWA Print Manager Board (APMB) over optical fiber interface.


  • Optical fiber interface: 600 Mbits/sec.
  • Maximum Printing Speed, 2 MHz pixel clock frequency.


  • 14x 0-1A Laser Diode drivers, independent control.
  • Adjustable current output for each channel.
  • 0-7V Laser Diode forward voltage.
  • Optical fiber connectivity to APMB over SFP.
  • PCB Temperature monitor.
  • Customizable firmware which is stored in an SD-Card.
  • SHA-1 Encryption for firmware copy protection.
  • Heat spreader for passive cooling.
  • Single 12V input voltage with reverse polarity, over voltage, over current and surge current protection.
  • Small footprint, 115 x 90 mm.
  • Easy software integration with APMB SDK which supports native C++ and .NET programming languages such as C# or Visual Basic.

LASER-14P Hardware User Guide (EN) {/AF}